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- Anna Kelly,  @wellorderedbeauty

I work with creatives, artists, and musicians who want to stop caring about what other people think so they can create the career, art, and life they want.

12-week program with weekly coachings

"I love it. Obviously. The whole program was transforming, mentally. The tools are amazing. I did new things that made me feel like I was my own boss and running my own business. I will achieve my goals in less time than if I had tried to do it myself."

- Vanessa Clavijo

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"I was totally blindsided by the amount of change I saw in my life! I entered the program feeling like I was in a limbo state. I had a sense of what my goals were and no idea how to make them happen. I didn't know where to start. Jenny helped me to improve my relationship with my significant other, stop worrying about everything and start taking action. It reinvigorated my motivation to get stuff done and I learned how to communicate better and set boundaries." 

Non-Book Club

A Community of like-minded individuals

Non-Book Club meets bi-weekly over zoom to be coached by Jenny and discuss and grow together. It is an intimate coaching group and your monthly subscription gets you access to the twice monthly meetings, all of the recordings, countless resources to support you in your creative journey, and access to Jenny's high-caliber coaching.

"[Non-Book Club] has given me a space to dream and to take that dream and realize it can be! I am dreaming big and also evaluating my choices against the VALUES I was able to identify in NBC!"

- Rebecca Soelberg

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