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101 in 1001

In place of my big impossible goal, I decided to focus my energy on slowing down, creating, and having fun this year. And technically it will be for the next 2.75 years. Nothing is too big or too small. I am already excited and have already completed a few things. (The 1001 days will end on October 17, 2024)


1. Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

2. Visit NYC

3. Disneyworld

4. Stay at a Lakehouse

5. Trip with Chelsea

6. Go on a cruise or stay at an all inclusive resort

7. Visit a new country

8. Visit the ocean 3 times

9. Visit a new state

10. Visit John & Family

11. Go camping

12. See the Grand Canyon

13. Trip with Mom

14. Stay at a unique/cool Airbnb

15. Go to Lava Hot Springs

16. Visit a Friend That Lives In a Different State

17. Fly 1st Class somewhere


18. Try 10 new restaurants

19. Collect Recipes in an organized fashion

20. Learn to make donuts

21. Decorate a cake all fancy

22. Learn and memorize 5 new recipes

23. Go out to dinner that costs more than $100

24. Try a meal subscription service

25. Read Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat


26. Paint a mural or another large scale work

27. Record a solo track in a studio

28. Play a comedic role in a show

29. Learn a song on guitar

30. Memorize a song on the piano

31. Write 20 poems

32. Take a series of self portraits

33. Write an ebook


34. Come up with 101 things (1/20/2022)

35. Start a Bowling Team

36. Go on another ghost tour

37. Go to a hockey game

38. Go to a gymnastics meet

39. Go to a volleyball game

40. Watch the sunrise

41. See the Lion King (musical)

42. Go to a zoo

43. Get a tattoo

44. Finish a crossword puzzle by myself

45. Listen to 5 new albums all the way through in one sitting

46. Visit 3 museums in Utah

47. Go to 2 concerts (not classical)

48. Get a bowling score over 200

49. See a drag show

50. Go to a baseball game

51. Go to a movie alone (Spiderman: No Way Home 1/22/2022)

52. Harry Potter Movie Marathon

53. Go to a middle school or high school theater production

54. Do a full spa day

55. Host a reading of a play with friends


56. Buy someone flowers

57. Treat friends to a night at a hotel

58. Fall in love

59. Go on a date and read children's books

60. Plan a cousin gathering

61. Make an address book


62. Buy a large indoor plant

63. Create a food storage

64. Try composting


65. Take an online coding class

66. Learn about chakras

67. Memorize a poem that is meaningful to me

68. Read a book in Spanish

69. Read a book of poetry

70. Duolingo every day for a month

71. Read 5 biographies

72. Read the books I own that I haven't ready yet or give them away


73. Run 1 continuous mile

74. Do yoga every day for 1 month

75. Spend a weekend completely unplugged

76. Go on a walk every day for a month

77. Do a water aerobics class


78. Make $100K in a 12 month period

79. Pay off all debt

80. Save money for a house

81. Hit 2500 followers on at least 1 platform

82. Start a podcast

83. Make $10K in one month

84. Be a guest on a podcast

85. Make a bunch of playlists for voice students


86. Live somewhere else for more than a month

87. Vote every year

88. Serve at the foodbank

89. Buy a new car

90. Buy a queen sized mattress

91. Transfer appraising photos to hard drive

92. Leave someone a huge tip

93. Collect memories using video or chatbook

94. Take Percy outside

95. Experience a Sound bath thing








(These ones are private. Just for me. Sorry.... not sorry.

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