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  • Jenny McKay

I dare you to JUST START

I think the greatest tip to figuring out the solution to any problem is to JUST START

And humans resist it so much.

What if we start incorrectly? Or find out we don’t actually want to be doing the thing we started? Or what if we fail? Or what if we look dumb?

So it’s easier to not start at all. And wait for someone with a magic wand or the precise instructions on how to do the things we want to do.

But every time we wait to start, we are betting on someone else instead of ourselves.

Story time: When I am playing cards or games with friends, I enjoy taking risks and going for the mystery card rather than the sure thing. It’s exciting and stressful in the moment, but in the end, I understand that it is a low-stakes risk.

Somehow, outside of card games, we build up this expectation that starting something new like a business or a painting is so high-stakes that we couldn’t even survive the possible consequences.

When you wait to start, you are telling your brain and the universe that you would rather bet on someone else’s cards than your own. You’re building up this story that the consequences of failure are detrimental and sometimes are brain gets dramatic enough to tell us that the consequences seem FATAL.

What would actually happen if you bet on your own hand, aka your own abilities, talents, and brain? What are the actual consequences?

I’m not a poker player or a big gambler (unless we’re playing board games). But I know that betting on yourself will build your confidence. It will send the message to your brain and the universe that you have what it takes. So, I dare you to bet on yourself by JUST STARTING.

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