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101 in 1001

Last year, my friend Angela posted a listed of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I mean, I love all things lists and goals so I naturally fell in love with the idea. I started creating my own 101 in 1001 last year, but forgot to finish it. I came back to it in January and realized I had already accomplished some of the things on the list. So, I made some edits and added lots more. And here we are! Here is my to-do list/ bucket list of 101 things I would like to do in the next 1001 days. If you make one, let me know about it! ] 101 in 1001 (February 11, 2019 - November 8, 2021)

Personal Development

1. Learn to tune a piano 2. Learn to Grill 3. Take a Khan Academy Coding Class 4. Make a Quilt 5. Serve at Welfare Square When I Have the Chance 6. Be a Guest Speaker 7. Give Blood 8. Do a Teeth Whitening Regiment 9. Marie Kondo My Apartment 10. Attempt to Write a Novel 11. Go to a Motivational and/or Business Conference 12. Start and Finish The Artist’s Way 12-Week Program 13. Wear Retainer Regularly 14. Collect Recipes in an Organized Fashion 15. Move all of My Stuff out of my Parent’s House 16. Go To A Self-Development Conference 17. Start Today Journal Every Morning 18. Find Contacts that don’t make my eyes itch after 4 hours 19. Organize my Music and spotify lists Just For Fun 20. Start a Bowling Team 21. Send Flowers To Someone 22. Go On a Ghost Tour 23. Figure Out How To Make Cocoa Bean Quality Hot Chocolate 24. Host a Dinner Party 25. Try 20 New Restaurants in Salt Lake 26. Get Set Up On A Blind Date 27. Go To Sundance Film Festival 28. Watch Stranger Things 29. Attend Tea Time at the Grand America 30. Take Pictures in a Photo Booth 31. Surprise Someone 32. Go To A Hockey Game 33. Go to a Gymnastics Meet 34. Go To a Volleyball Game 35. Attend Some Other Sort of Sporting Event 36. Try a Sensory Deprivation Tank 37. Learn to Make Donuts (not the cakey ones) 38. Learn to Make the Swig Sugar Cookie 39. Learn to Make Home-Made Cinnamon Rolls 40. Watch the Sunrise 41. Memorize a Poem

Work 42. Increase My Audience (Online and otherwise) 43. Become a Certified Appraiser 44. Double My Income

Physical 45. Get Up On Something Behind a Boat 46. Run 1 Continuous Mile 47. Do a Real Push up 48. Do a Real Pull up 49. Swim in a Triathlon 50. Improve Posture

Reading 51. Read All of Shakespeare’s Works 52. Read a Poetry Book 53. Read 5 Biographies 54. Read a Book on the NY Best Seller’s List 55. Read a Book in Spanish 56. Read a Book in Italian 57. Re-read Harry Potter Music 58. Perform in a Musical 59. Go To a Concert ( Non- Classical) 60. Learn to Play Liszt’s Transcription of Schumann’s Widmung (Liebeslied) 61. Record an Album 62. See The Lion King 63. See The Phantom of the Opera 64. Practice Organ and play with pedals with a congregation Travel 65. Visit the Grand Canyon 66. Visit my Mission 67. Road Trip Pacific Coast Highway 68. Visit New York at least once 69. Travel To Europe (priority: England, Iceland, France, Spain) 70. Do a Yearly Cabin Retreat 71. Go On A Cruise 72. Go Camping 73. Spend the Day at a Resort Spa 74. Visit the Four Corners 75. Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge 76. Visit a 3 New States 77. Go to Disney somewhere besides California 78. Go to Lake Tahoe 79. Visit a Hot Spring Spiritual 80. Read the Standard Works 81. Find 10 Family Members to do Temple Work for 82. Read Jesus, The Christ 83. Meditate Every Day For a Month 84. Journal Everyday for a Month 85. Read a Book on Daoism 86. Visit Church Services of 3 Other Religions 87. Visit 3 New Temples 88. Read My Patriarchal Blessing Once a Month Financial 89. Put More In My Retirement Fund 90. Pay Off Car Loan 91. Pay Off Piano Loan 92. Pay Off Student Loan 93. Buy A House Family/Friends 94. Buy my Family Members Presents for Their Birthdays 95. Do Monthly Niece/Nephew Dates 96. Monthly Quality Contact with Brothers 97. Plan a Trip with Chelsea 98. Plan a Visit with Courtney 99. Scan in More Scrapbooks For Mom 100. See John Annually (at least) 101. Write 5 Letters to Loved Ones

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