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  • Jenny McKay

Sustainable Results

We want results. And we want those results to be long-lasting.

As a voice teacher and a singer, it is tempting to seek a quick fix for any singing problem. But most quick fixes are not sustainable. They are, well, quick. And they often leave lingering tension throughout the body.

If singers want long-term vocal changes, they have to improve the whole process, not just the sound in the moment. So, we work on our posture, our breath, tongue tension, etc.

If you want long, sustained results in your life, you have to examine your process. You can’t just go straight to changing the result or your circumstance.

Examine the processes that are currently running your life. What thoughts, habits, and feelings produce your current results?

Next, decide what processes will get you the results that you want. What thoughts, habits, and feelings need to be in place for me to go where I want to go?

This is what I do with my clients. Of course, anyone can do it, with or without a coach.

But with a coach, you will find the obstacles and solutions much faster and with more ease.

If you are ready to find more solutions and overcome obstacles, apply for a consult here.

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