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  • Jenny McKay

What Does It Take To Change Your Life?

Humans swallow between 500-700 times every day.

When we sing, we most often want to release these swallowing instincts and resist the constriction and engagement of our swallowing muscles. However, it is difficult to compete with muscles that have so much practice.

But, still my students become frustrated when they are unable to sing without tension. After only one week of practice.

Our brains are similar. We establish thinking patterns, or beliefs, when we think the same thought over and over again. And then when we are trying to overcome a limiting belief, we’ll say affirmations in the mirror for a couple of days or have a moment of inspiration in therapy and discover a few hours later, that it didn’t stick. The old thoughts of not being enough just come flooding back in.

Just like releasing tension in singing, changing our thinking patterns takes real effort, practice, and discipline. One moment of inspiration or one week of good journaling is not enough to sustain and create new beliefs.

If you want to change your life, start with changing the way you think. It is NEVER too late to start. And it is NEVER too late to start again.

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