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  • Jenny McKay

Why You're Feeling Stuck After Graduating With An Arts Degree

When I finished grad school, I felt that I had been taught one, maybe two ways to be a successful artist. And I had checked all of the necessary boxes up to that point. The problem was, I didn’t want it. But I had spent so long chasing after this one way of doing things, that I wasn’t in touch with what I wanted.

Now, I don’t completely blame academia. Entirely.

People teach what they know. And in academia, it is common that all of the people who are teaching you found success in similar, if not identical ways. It is common that coaches, professors, and mentors are not able to present to you the multitudinous ways you can become a successful artist. Because they can only teach what they know.

Even in a perfect world, no coach, teacher, or professor would have the answer to tell you exactly how to become your version of a successful artist.

So even though I don’t have fortune-telling capabilities, what I CAN offer you is outside perspective and skills to help you discover those answers within yourself. I can teach you the exact skills I have used to create an environment and mindset where I am creating with freedom like I have never experienced before. Work with me, and I can help you create a blueprint for your specific version of a successful artist.

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