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Singing with Courage

Get serious about your vocal skills and being brave


"I'm 1000 times more confident in my singing. When I have opportunities to share my voice, I’m excited instead of anxious. I also am better at diagnosing problems in my own singing and working through them. My family has said that they have seen me grow in leaps and bounds and that my lessons have paid off. My voice is consistent, my technique and placement are better, and I can trust my voice to show up for me when I want/need to use it."

- Denya P.

"Jenny is phenomenal! She is well trained and amazing at explaining principles to help you understand what you can fix. She is also SO encouraging and positive which so nice because singing can be so vulnerable. I always leave her lessons feeling empowered."

- Ashley W.


"I am an adult with zero singing experience and started lessons with Jenny because I love singing and wanted to improve. While singing in front of someone is vulnerable, I felt comfortable and confident singing in my lessons with Jenny."

- Andi M.

"I am primarily a choral singer, but working with Jenny brought out a new sound in my solo singing that I didn’t know I had! Also, my lower range became more comfortable as I have new vocal exercises and strategies to use to address tongue tension. Short term or long term, working with Jenny can make a noticeable and positive difference in your voice."

- Rachel B.

Singing with Courage

After pursuing an operatic career around the country, Jenny discovered that she was more inspired coaching others than performing on the stage. Her years of experience and education make her a great teacher, and her compassion and enthusiasm make her fabulous mentor. She teaches all genres of music and ages 6 and up. See below to see what her students have to say about working with her.

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