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"While participating in Jenny's class, I experienced a change in me that I didn't expect I'd find! I have been studying voice for almost 10 years now, and have struggled to recognize why I have certain difficulties in performing. Jenny helped me to realize that many of my struggles weren't caused by bad technique or not working hard enough, but were being caused by a mental and emotional battle within. When I realized this, I started to overcome so many of the obstacles I was facing previously. 

I've gained quite a few benefits from this class. I've learned to be attuned to myself, and not feel nervous about how I am looking in front of people. I learned that I need to pay attention to myself and not just go into "performance mode". I also learned that I need to experiment with different things, and not feel like I have to do something a certain way just because it works for someone else. As a performer, these are a huge benefit."

Ka'imi Ruberson


"I would say that if you want to improve your singing but don't know quite how to do it, go to Jenny. She will help you find the perfect solution.

Jenny took a different approach. She taught us how to be conscious of the way we were feeling. She taught us how to be aware of any tension we were holding. I feel that I didn't get that focus from other teachers. Also, I feel that other teachers failed to emphasize how singing can impact other areas of your life. With other teachers, I feel that at times it has simply been about performing and sounding good. Jenny also taught us how self mindfulness plays a roll on our ability to sing.

In general, I feel that Jenny's class taught me to think higher of myself, to not worry about what others think of my singing, and most of all, to enjoy singing."

Cole Parker

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