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Is this you?

If you have made it to this page you are probably a lover of singing or even a career-driven artist. 

You have creative goals - places you want to be and roles you want to play. 

You are ready to take initiative and risks to reach those goals. 

You practice, practice, practice, and everything still falls apart in the audition room.

There is a little voice telling you you can’t do it and you aren’t enough even though you’ve done all of the manifestations and affirmations you have found on TikTok.

Maybe you’re scared to let go and really act - you are not alone!

Or maybe you shake in your boots every time you sing in front of someone else.

You know deep down you are capable, but something - you don’t know what - just keeps on getting in your way. 

You’re stuck. 

What if there was a way to train the whole singing artist, not just the voice?

Hi, friend! I've been there.

My name is Jenny McKay. I am a passionate life coach and vocal coach.

Whatever is happening in our everyday lives is reflected in our singing. And our singing habits are reflected in our lives. 

You don’t have to stay stuck creating the same results, getting the same feedback, or feeling like a victim to your own fear.

It's not too late to spend less time in your head, and more time playing.

No more quick fixes. Only long-term, replicable improvements.

It’s time to spend less time guessing what everyone else is thinking, and more time on the storytelling.


A Little About Me...

From high school to grad school, I received the same feedback on my performances:

“Can you give me more?”

“It seems like you’re only giving 50%”

“Why aren’t you using your whole voice.”

I kept receiving this feedback, over and over again, but no one had the skills to teach me what *more* meant or how to sing at *100%*

For a decade, I stayed stuck - trying to discover my *whole* voice.

Nothing worked. And no one helped, really. 

After grad school, I finally could release myself from black/white thinking. And I learned what it felt like to have fun playing and performing for the first time in my life. I also found a coach who helped me improve without giving me a complex. 

I endeavor to be that coach for others and have been teaching and coaching with this mindset ever since.

My four core values are Community, Self-Expression, Impact, and Freedom. These principles are threaded throughout Find Your Freedom. You will find community in our live trainings. In your voice sessions, you will learn new tools to better express yourself through music. And by freeing up your mind and voice, you will be able to make a stronger impact with your art. 

Let’s make an impact together!

OK. Let's get to the nitty-gritty details!

Your needs and goals are at the center of this 6-month program. 

We begin with an introductory session where we talk about your singing experience, what’s going on in your brain, and then we evaluate where you are and determine where you want to go. We use YOUR goals and YOUR needs as an outline for our curriculum.

Every month you are guaranteed:

But, wait! That's not all!

I want to make sure that this six-months makes an impact on your creative life. I don’t want you waiting session to session for the answers and growth you are seeking.


So, you get a Jenny in your pocket, or at least in your phone. I use the Voxer-app to walkie-talkie and text with my Find Your Freedom clients on weekdays. We talk about life, what’s going on for you, and you can even send clips of you singing. 

On top of all that, I include up to 6 pieces of sheet music.

If you hadn't noticed already, this is a full-service, high-touch program. We’re here to make a true impact on your singing and your whole life!


Holding Mobile Phone

Let's Break It Down

  • 12 Voice Coaching Sessions

  • A 1:1 Coaching Session

  • A Live Virtual Training

  • Voxer Access

  • Sheet Music

  • Courses, Workbooks, etc. 

$1,440 Value

$900 Value

$360 Value

$2,100 Value

$60 Value

$200 Value



Since Find Your Freedom is still in it's BETA era, you can join the program for over 50% off making the actual cost if you sign up during the BETA era:

You can pay in full or in monthly installments of $450/month.



If you still have questions you want answered before you schedule a call, fill out a contact sheet.

Thanks for submitting!

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