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Sing With Courage

Singing involves the breath, the vocal tract, your mouth, and pretty much every part of the body. But, I believe 90% of singing is what happens in our minds.


What's happening in our brains can influence the way we show up to sing and vice versa. As a vocal coach and certified life coach, I help you discover what it feels like to sing freely in your body. At the same time, I also help to free up your mind so you can take risks in performance, get out of your creative rut, and hone in on an audition mindset that works for you. 

My goal for you is FREEDOM.


Whether you're...


Learning to Sing For the First Time

I love working with people who are stepping into a voice studio for the first time. It is an honor to help you find the courage to share such a personal and vulnerable thing. And it's even more fun to watch you excel!


An Experienced Performer

With experience as a music director, vocal coach, and performer, I find it rewarding to work with experience artists to make tweaks here and there that make a world of difference. I can help you do what you do so well with more freedom and ease.


A Hobbyist

Whether you enjoy community theater, have always wanted to take voice lessons, or sing in a choir, I love to support in you in all of your goals. Many of my students have put on recitals of their own - just for fun! 

I can help.

There are 
3 Ways to 
Work With Me

  • Find Your Freedom - 6-month package - $2,700 (with payment plan option)

    • Pay a monthly tuition​ or pay in full

    • at 2 50-min vocal coachings/month

    • 1 1:1 life coaching session/month

    • 1 live virtual training/month

    • Voxer coaching in between sessions

    • and so much more!!​​

  • Drop in for a 50-min lesson - $85

    • Perfect for a quick tune up, audition prep, discovering your voice, etc.

  • Possibility Session - $75 

    • Clarify your most important goals and begin your discover of what's possible with a 1:1 coaching session.

What You'll Gain


Singing is a vulnerable act. Sharing your voice is so personal. So it takes a lot of courage and confidence. I don't just coach the voice, I coach the whole person. You will enter auditions knowing your value, perform in front of others without throwing up, and carry that confidence into other parts of your life.


Eventually, I want my students to be able to know their voice better than I ever could. I coach my students in a way that allows them to become their own teacher and coach at home. Together, we will figure out which tools work best for you. 

Sometimes we can get into the nitty gritty of technique. But I try to balance that with a strong dash of humor and fun. We try out-of-the-box things to get out of our heads and have fun performing in studio recitals and group classes. You will remember why you started singing in the first place and learn that singing wasn't meant to be taken so seriously.


I endeavor to give you the tools to create your own art. I want you to be an artist, to use your voice to create the art that you want. You can take risks and try something you've never done before. You will learn to let go of the *right* way to sing and let yourself be a true artist. 


"I'm 1000 times more confident in my singing. When I have opportunities to share my voice, I’m excited instead of anxious. I also am better at diagnosing problems in my own singing and working through them. My family has said that they have seen me grow in leaps and bounds and that my lessons have paid off. My voice is consistent, my technique and placement are better, and I can trust my voice to show up for me when I want/need to use it."

— Denya P.



Education, Trainings,
& Experience

I trained as an opera singer, obtaining a BM from BYU and her MM in Vocal Performance from Rice University.  After pursuing an operatic career around the country, I discovered a love for coaching and re-discovered my first love - musical theater.  Since then, I've continued my training in  contemporary styles with mentors like Maddie Tarbox.  Outside of coaching I music direct and perform at local theaters like Hale Center Theater Orem, Hart Theater, Sandy City, Hale Center Theater Sandy, and Murray Arts in the Park.

Beyond music, I'm also a certified Life Coach.  I can see shame a mile away and have a gift for teaching self-compassion.  I work to make my studio and your mind a comfortable space to create. 

While I do love to coach out of my studio in Millcreek, UT, I also coach virtually. Covid can be an excellent teacher that way. :)

Vocal & Artistic Freedom Starts Here!

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